Critique Partner

The search for a Critique Partner (CP) has begun!!!

    For a while now I've been wanting a Critique Partner, but I haven't had the slightest clue where to start. So read below in the doobleydoo after the colon:

    Here's what's up: I have never had a CP, but have been told that having one can really effect your writing in a positive way. I was a little skeptical at first, because I was stuck in this mindset where I could not share my writing with anyone. It's a fear I have, that when I show my writing to people they will just hate it, crumble up the paper, throw it on the ground, and leave. As of today, I am not that anxious about showing people my work, but that feeling never leaves my side and follows me like a shadow. I want my future CP to be my friend, but tell me when something in my story is not working, but also tell me when something is working so I can continue it. I wish that they would be okay with reading Dystopian YA. I am open to most genres, especially Dystopian, Mystery, and Contemporary.

If you are possibly interested in being my CP, email me at:                          

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