Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Tricks to FINALLY shut up your internal editor

We've all had that feeling. That feeling when you're writing your draft, then BAM! You look at the sentence you just typed and say          
                  "Maybe I can just make that a little better."

 Sure one time seems like nothing, but add the time of all those other sentences that need a little brushing up, and you have a problem. Who is to blame for this? Your internal editor of course! This is an annoying problem for writers of all sorts, and today I will tell you how to shut him/her up.

Tip #1: Hide the words, if your inner editor can't see the words, she'll have nothing to fix.

Tip #2: Promise your editor that they'll have their time to shine soon, but you just have to finish writing.

Tip #3: Distract your inner editor. Since your editor has a mind for fixing things, let her focus on other things than your writing.

I hope you found these helpful. If you did not everyone is different in the way that they do things. If you have a different tip for shutting up your inner editor, put it down below in the comments.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Story Bible

    I have recently been keeping a Story Bible for my novel-in-progress; Outlandish (you can check that out on my projects page). 

One might ask, "What exactly is a Story Bible, and how do I use it?" 

    Well, I'm here to answer all your questions.

    A story Bible can be handwritten or typed. The story bible is where you can keep your character descriptions, and worldly aspects. This is a helpful tool when writing. You can reference this when you need to know something as simple as a character's hair color, or you need something as extreme as the way they would respond to certain situation.

    I got this idea from a YouTube video, which you can watch here.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Every writer needs...

Every writer needs a thesaurus and a dictionary. If you do not have either, get your butt off the chair and buy one. If you do not feel like buying a physical copy, I highly recommend's app for iOS devices.

Monday, July 15, 2013


    If you are reading this, then Congratulations! You've found yourself on my blog. This post is very important because it is my first! The purpose of this blog is to track my progress through my journey of getting my book published. If you, too are an aspiring author with a blog feel free to tell me and I'll check it out. I'm also looking for critique partners (I'll make a separate post about that).

             See you through the screen,
     Jo Beasley