Thursday, January 2, 2014

Writerly and Readerly New Year Resolutions

New Years Eve is all about looking back at the year and making New Years Resolutions. I have composed a list of Writerly and/or Readerly Resolutions (or Challenges) that you should might could shoot for.

  • Enter a writing contest
  • Set a reading goal that is higher than the amount of books you read last year
  • Invest in a new bookshelf (the one you already have is already packed with books and you have piles in your floor)
  • Try writing a story from a different POV  (if you write 3rd person write in 1st person and vice versa)
  • Finish the first, second, third, fourth or whatever number of draft you're on
  • Discover new Booktubers (if unfamiliar see end of post for definition)
  • If you have a blog, stick with it (this is something mostly for me to look at)
  • Branch out! Find other writers or readers because they it is so much fun when you can talk to other people without spoiling the book, or boring them with details of your characters.
  • Try a different genre to read/write

Those are all I have, but don't be afraid to add your own goals that you wish to accomplish in 2014. Also check out my friend Isaac's blog. Soon (hopefully) after we both finish editing our manuscripts we'll be swapping a small section of each and see if our writing/critique styles match up.

To those of you who are not familiar with Booktube, it is a wonderful community of people who love books and talking about them. Some of them are aspiring authors like me and they share their experiences and different weapons in their repertoire. Below is a video by one of my favorite Booktubers Katytastic. She's awesome guys, trust me on this. 


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  1. I'll definitely shoot for some of these goals. And Katytastic is one of my favorite booktubers, too! Anyways, great post!